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Leslie Resnick

Leslie Resnick

There is a Yiddish word, bashert, which means “meant to be.”
8z Real Estate broker Leslie Resnick wants every client to experience bashert when signing on the dotted line.

“The house should just feel right,” said Resnick, who has been specializing in selling homes in the Congress Park area, even before the neighborhood was trendy.

Resnick, a top flight athlete as well as a veteran Realtor with more than two decades of experience, can tell when a client falls in love in a home, even for those who can’t express it in words.

It might be how their shoulders suddenly relax or their eyes light up when they step into a dreamy kitchen or well-lit master bedroom that clues her in.

No where does she find that clients and homes click more than in Congress Park.

“I used to call Congress Park “Washington-lite,” said Resnick, who is now living in her third home in the Congress Park area.

Congress Park is bordered by East Colfax Avenue on the north and Colorado Boulevard on the east (and York or Josephine streets on the west and 6th or 8th avenues on the south, take your pick).

“I used to say to people, in Washington Park you are going to get a 1,000-square-foot home, with one bedroom, one-bath and no garage for $400,000. Let’s see what we can get for the same price in Congress Park,” Resnick said.

With bigger yards and more home for the money, house hunters were often quickly sold on Congress Park.

Today, Congress Park is about as sought-after address as any neighborhood in Denver.

The demand for few homes has driven up prices, not an unusual phenomenon in trendy Denver neighborhoods.

For example, is homes in Congress Park have sold in the neighborhood of $400 per square foot in some cases.“

Homes that not long ago people thought were expensive at $200,000 are now going for $350,000 or more,” Resnick said.

“Not buying” remorse in Congress Park

“You’ve heard of buyer’s remorse. In Congress Park, what you have is ‘not-buying’ remorse.”

“Congress Park is so hot now that is visiting prices you would have found in Washington Park,” Resnick said.

In one example that literally strikes close to home, her brother rented a home in the area while attending medical school in Denver.

“If he had bought, instead of renting, he could have basically paid for medical school with the appreciation in his home,” said Resnick, who counts numerous Denver physicians in her family tree.

A well-price home that hits the market in Congress Park, is gone within hours, with multiple buyers standing in line to put their John (or Jane) Hancock on a sale contract.

Congress Park: The complete package

Congress Park has everything going for it, said Resnick.

“Congress Park is a neighborhood where people walking their dogs ‘hi’ to people they pass,” Resnick said.

“People sit on their front porches and wave to the joggers. You’ve got the swimming pool and tennis courts and soccer fields at Congress Park itself. It’s easy to get to Interstate 70 to get to the mountains or downtown from 6th or 8th.”

In addition, there is the Trader Joe’s at 8th and Colorado and the planned redevelopment of the University of Colorado’s former Health Sciences Center at 9th and Colorado that will continue to contribute to the vitality of the Congress Park area, she said.

Even Colfax, which once was considered a low-rent, downtrodden corridor, increasingly has the cachet previously reserved for place like South Pearl Street in Washington Park and West 32nd Avenue in West Highland.

“I do not understand how people cannot just love Colfax,” Resnick said. “

“There’s the Tattered Cover Bookstore. There are all of these great bars you can walk to,” Resnick gushes.

And there are the restaurants. Just to name a few: Annie’s Cafe, Shells and Sauce, Barola Grill, Tag Burger Bar, Snooze.

“I really think you have the best restaurants in Denver in Congress Park or at the edge of Congress Park,” she said.

And, of course, there are the houses themselves.

“I just love the architecture in Congress Park,” Resnick said. “You have these wonderful Craftsman bungalows.”

No detail is so too small to escape Resnick’s eye.

She’s even pointed out the patterns carved into the plates on deadbolts in older homes.

“Those are kind of the little idiosyncrasies that make homes charming, which want to make sure my buyers do not miss,” she said.

Mentored by a downtown loft pioneer

Resnick cut her teeth in the real estate world at the venerable Van Schaack Co. in the early ‘90s. She was mentored by Bill Saslow, a pioneer in downtown loft living.

In addition to developing lofts downtown, Saslow “saw the value in places like northwest Denver, where you could have bought a home for $70,000 that would now go for $400,000 or even $500,000. And he was talking up the Baker neighborhood when it wasn’t on anybody else’s radar screen,” Resnick said.

She later worked for Coldwell Banker and RE/MAX Alliance before joining 8z. Resnick has been certified as an EcoBroker certified and a Certified Residential Specialist.

“I absolutely love 8z,” she said. “It’s the best. 8z provides great service for its brokers and their customers. And it does cool things like sponsoring a woman’s bicycle racing team.” As well, 8Z sponsors Jesus, a youth in the greenhouse scholars program.

So far this year, Resnick has sold homes priced from less than $200,000 to more than $2 million.

She skis like she sells: With skill and passion

When not selling homes, Resnick can often be found on the side of mountain or on the seat of a bike.

She rises at 4 in the morning and often doesn’t stop working for clients until 9 or 10 at night, although she always tries to carve out time for a 90-minute bike ride.

“When you start work at 4:30 a.m., you’ve already put in a half day’s work by the time a lot of people are just getting to work,” said Resnick.

She has been skiing all her life.

“I could almost be considered a professional skier,” said Resnick, who prefers telemarking over alpine skiing.

“In the ‘90s, I was an ambassador to Japan for the Colorado ski industry, which was a lot of fun,” she said.

“A month ago, I was in Iceland skiing,” she said. “And I’ve skied the fjords in Norway, reaching them by helicopter, which was just awe-inspiring.”

She finds parallels with cutting long, graceful turns in the back country or racing her bikes with helping clients buy and sell homes in Congress Park and elsewhere.

“I’m just as passionate about selling homes and serving my clients as I am about skiing,” she said.

“It takes a lot of discipline and attention to detail to ski well, as is it does in selling homes,” she explained

“I consider my clients as members of my team. In athletics and real estate you have to have a game plan. I like to win. My clients win a lot.”

And by winning, she doesn’t just mean out-bidding someone else in a competitive situation.

She prides herself on finding the right home for the right buyer. It is bashert.

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