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  • Denver Real Estate Watch, or DREW, has drawn more than 1.6 million page views.
  • DREW is sponsored by 8z Real Estate.
  • DREW is offering additional sponsorship opportunities.
Denver Real Estate Watch, or DREW, is seeking sponsors to join 8z Real Estate.

Denver Real Estate Watch, or DREW, is seeking sponsors to join 8z Real Estate.

Hello Denver Real Estate Watch.

Goodbye Inside Real Estate News.

With little fanfare, I changed the name, brand and look of my real estate blog, now called Denver Real Estate Watch, or DREW.

I’ve hesitated to write about Denver Real Estate Watch, because rather than shine the spotlight on myself, I prefer to focus DREW on trends, transactions and people in the real estate world of Denver and Colorado.

Before founding my blog in the summer of 2009, I had been the Real Estate Editor of the Rocky Mountain News, which had been the longest, continuously operating business in Colorado, before it closed its doors in February 2009.

I like to say that the Rocky survived the Civil War and the Great Depression, but couldn’t survive Craigslist.

The Rocky Mountain News, my home for 27 years, lost the newspaper war, but I think the motto of its parent, E.W. Scripps, is a winner: “Give light and the people will find their own way.”

While there is no shortage of blogs about real estate, it is difficult to find someone who objectively reports the various sides of real estate issues and topics. Indeed, there is an increasing amount of misinformation and biased reports on real estate issues being posted on social media sites every day.

Consumers, real estate brokers, developers, urban planners, architects, engineers, lawyers and public officials that read DREW, seem to appreciate that I have published 2,540 posts, or about 500 posts per year.

Since launching my blog, DREW had drawn more than 1.6 million page views.

Last year, I had almost 385,000 page views, a 50 percent increase from 2013. Those views represented 187,426 visitors, a 62.8 percent jump from 2013.

The reality, though, is that I need sponsors to make writing and publishing DREW a sustainable enterprise.

I am currently actively seeking a few, high-quality sponsors to join 8z Real Estate as a sponsor of DREW. 8z Real Estate is one of the fastest growing companies in Boulder.

8z Real Estate, founded by Lane Hornung, is a sponsor of Denver Real Estate Watch, or DREW.

8z Real Estate, founded by Lane Hornung, is a sponsor of Denver Real Estate Watch, or DREW.

Lane Hornung launched 8z about two years before I started my blog.

Lane is a smart, entrepreneurial force in residential real estate.

A Colorado native, Lane holds an engineering degree from Stanford and a MBA in finance from the University of Colorado. He also was a U.S. Marine Corps-trained Cobra attack helicopter pilot during the first Gulf War.

Loyalty and integrity are built into Lane’s DNA.

Lane also is a student of real estate and understands the  importance of unbiased and objective real estate reporting.

If you are unfamiliar with 8z, here are bullet points highlighting how Lane thinks real estate is broken and how he wants to fix it:

  • Real estate is more about people and relationships than it is about houses and transactions.
  • Real estate is more about living and building community than it is about investing and making money.
  • The real estate process should be more transparent and less confusing.
  • Being a real estate professional is not a hobby for part timers and amateurs.
  • Some real estate agents get paid too much for the value they provide.
  • Some real estate agents are great. They add value and earn what they are paid.
  • Buyers and sellers deserve the help of great agents for one of life’s biggest decisions.
  • Great agents put their clients’ interests before their own. Clients before commissions.
  • Great agents know their local neighborhood markets inside and out.
  • Great agents earn the trust of their clients and give valuable advice and counsel.
  • Great agents give back to the neighborhoods they serve and are community assets.
  • Good is the enemy of great. Settling for good can keep you from becoming great. We hope other agents and brokerages join us in raising the bar of professionalism in real estate.

Two years ago, Lane was honored at the “Gathering of Eagles” event honoring leaders in the real estate field from all across the U.S.

There, I ran into Kevin Hawkins, president of WAV Group Communications. Kevin and I are both members of the National Association of Real Estate Editors.

When I told Hawkins about my blog and Lane’s sponsorship, Hawkins, whose clients include includes the National Association of Realtors and CoreLogic, which owns Case-Shiller, had this to say about Lane: “He gets it.”

After I launched DREW, I asked Hawkins, who lives in the Seattle area, to take a look and asked him for his feedback.

This is what Kevin  had to say:

Denver is fortunate to have one of America’s best real estate news reporters, John Rebchook. Too often real estate news coverage is tainted by influence, diminishing its value and impact. Rebchook is the real deal: He gives an unbiased account of what is happening in the real estate market with objectivity and unmatched experience and knowledge. No one covers both Denver and the national stories that either Denver shapes or will impact its market the way Rebchook does. Every major metro market should be envious of Rebchook for what he is doing with Denver Real Estate Watch.”

Thank you for your kind words, Kevin.

And thank you, Lane.

Readers, please send Lane an email at Lane@8z.com and thank him for making DREW a reality.

And if you are in the real estate industry and share the values of Lane and Kevin, and think it is important that DREW continues to be the voice of the Denver real estate community, contact me about becoming a sponsor. My email  is JRCHOOK@gmail.com and my phone number is 303-945-6865.

Have a story idea or real estate tip? Contact John Rebchook at JRCHOOK@gmail.com. DenverRealEstateWatch.com is sponsored by 8z Real Estate. To read more articles by John Rebchook, subscribe to the Colorado Real Estate Journal.




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John Rebchook

John Rebchook has more than 30 years of experience in writing and communications. As the Real Estate Editor for the Rocky Mountain News, he wrote about residential and commercial real estate for 26 years. He has won numerous awards for business stories and columns that he wrote, both as an individual and part of teams. In addition to real estate, he also covered economic development, banking and financing, the airlines, and cable TV for the Rocky. In addition, he was one of the original freelance writers for GlobeSt.com, covering commercial real estate for the Internet publication.

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